Monday, April 26, 2010


I finally gave in and allowed Kim the opportunity for another dog. She chose her favorite, a boxer, 8 weeks old, and she named her, "Roxy". I'm trying very hard to tolerated a dog in the house. Of course, we have rules, but rules seem to be set to be broken, and little Roxy is starting to take over the house!
However, to my surprise, I am starting to like this little dog. Dogs are like having another baby in the house. Are they pooping, peeing, whining, barking? Do they need food, water, or taken out to potty? Is it time for a nap, a walk, or to play? Are they into something? What's in their mouth? Are they teething? Do they need shots? Do they smell or need a bath? Do they need to be held and loved?
Someone suggested that Roxy is my new grandchild from Kim. I'm beginning to think so. Here's to hopefully a happy, joyful, fun, and good experience of a dog in our home. What's happening to me...this is not the norm...but I'm liking this experience so far. Gee Wizz!

Grammy Gathered with My Grandchildren!

A treasured moment in life, gathered by nine of my thirteen grandchildren!
January 2010, I traveled to the bitter cold city of Vernal, Utah to spend time with three of my children and spouses, as well as the grandchildren. The four to the left are Timmy and Brittney's, the four to the right are Christy and Kevin's, and the one on my lap is Stacey and Kyles. Vacations are much to short and I look forward to another visit summer 2010!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Trip to Pigeon Forge

Having fun in Pigeon Forge TN one weekend with three of my children from the east coast and Utah the next weekend with three of my children from the west! Life is Great!
Melinda, Kimberly and I met Eric 1/2 way to enjoy a weekend in Pigeon Forge. Some of our highlights were... going to the Comedy Barn for some down home comedy - it's amazing how much one can laugh over stupid little things, touring the Aquarium and seeing some amazing underwater creatures, and feeling young racing on the track.We enjoyed a favorite game, Ticket to Ride, good food and hanging out. Thanks for the memories.

The Comedy Barn

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Trip to Utah

I'm excited to announce the birth of my 13th grandchild. I am enjoying a trip to Utah to be here for the birth of Rylan David Nielsen, Stacey and Kyle's first child. I also have the blessing of visiting my two other children in Utah, Tim and Christy, and Brittany (Tim's wife) as well as each of their four children. Utah is keeping all my grandchildren! But I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to have fun with all of them during my visit! Enjoy some of my treasured pictures!

Grammy and New Baby Rylan! Welcome to our family!

Grammy's 13th Grandchild - RYLAN DAVID NIELSEN, Born August 6, 2009, 7 lbs. 3 oz. 19 inches long

Monday, December 1, 2008

Virginia Girls Weekend Out

In October the girls here in Virginia decided to cash in on all the men's golf days and have a "girl's weekend out"! We decided to go to Pigeon Forge TN. It is about four hours away. We got very lost trying to find the cabin following the GPS and the mapquest. Finally we arrived to a beautiful log cabin dream home in the mountains. The scenery was beautiful with the autumn leaves surrounding us.
We enjoyed the peace and quiet of nature. We also enjoyed several activities such as a ride up the mountain on a large tram in Gatlinburg, a ride up a ski slope to take the Alpine Slide down the mountain, and an experience at Dolly's Dinner Theater, the Dixie Stampeed. And, what would a girls weekend be like unless we managed to find time for a late night shopping spree. And of course, there were lots of goodies to eat.
Sunday, Debbie gave a lesson on "Joy in the Journey" as we shared feelings about how we can each enjoy the different journeys that our wide range of ages and life's experiences are dealing with. We made plaques out of floor tiles that said "Joy in the Journey" to take home, as a reminder.
It was a wonderful weekend. I wish my girls in Utah could have joined us, but you were in my thoughts!
We are ready to make this an annual tradition. Last year we went to the Women Conference put on by Deseret Book. This year was Pigeon year will be a new adventure...Let's make it good girls!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Debbie and Jennifer took our dad out for Father's Day Saturday. We remember growing up and going on occasional daddy daughter dates. We decided for our Father's Day Present that we wanted to give some quality time.
We wanted him to show us how to hit golf balls. He wasn't sure if we could handle that but he was patient with us. He was very complimentary as usual weather we did good or not. But we were surprised we hit the balls as many times as we did! Then we went to Long John Silvers to eat dinner. Then we went bowling, an old time favorite with dad. Jennifer won.
It was wonderful spending time with dad, so we are posting this pictures of our date.

(on the slide show...hit the "x" in the right corner to view, if needed)

Father's Day Date