Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Debbie and Jennifer took our dad out for Father's Day Saturday. We remember growing up and going on occasional daddy daughter dates. We decided for our Father's Day Present that we wanted to give some quality time.
We wanted him to show us how to hit golf balls. He wasn't sure if we could handle that but he was patient with us. He was very complimentary as usual weather we did good or not. But we were surprised we hit the balls as many times as we did! Then we went to Long John Silvers to eat dinner. Then we went bowling, an old time favorite with dad. Jennifer won.
It was wonderful spending time with dad, so we are posting this pictures of our date.

(on the slide show...hit the "x" in the right corner to view, if needed)

Father's Day Date

Mom's New Wheels

I really liked my Ford Five Hundred, but I needed better gas mileage commuting to and from work. This gets about 10 more miles to the gallon. Thanks to Tommy's association with Ford Company I got a decent deal. I haven't had a red car since being a teenager, but it was the only one left. Wow, it's bright and a little sporty. Kim actually said she would like to drive this car - it's not to mommy looking. It's not as comfortable as the five hundred but it will do. It's fun to zip around in.


Kimberly graduated from Salem High School on June 13, 2008. I am very proud of her. She also graduated from 4 years of Seminary last Sunday! The last year of seminary was home study which meant a lot of reading and writing. She is very excited to be done with both. I am very excited to have raised six children who are done with high school and seminary! That's one of the reasons we took the cruise to celebrate. She celebrated being done and I celebrated being done also! Way to go mom!
Kim will go to Virginia Western College in September. She will be studying Commercial Art. Way to go Kim! Keep moving forward!