Sunday, March 23, 2008

My children


Easter Day

Kim and I were able to enjoy Easter at home with Christie, Kevin, and the children visiting. It was exciting seeing the children get excited about what the Easter Bunny left during the night. We all went to church and heard Grandpa LeNeave talk in Sacrament meeting. He spoke on Knowing the Savior. We had dinner with extended family at Roy's house. The children enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt with a special visitor, the Easter Bunny herself.
Let me finished this Easter posting by telling you that I know the Savior lives. I am so very thankful he made it possible that I can live on eternally. I am touched as I read about his life in the scriptures. I am reading a book titled, 21 Days Closer to Christ. I recommend this book. It has touch my life and helped me to feel of His love for each of us.