Monday, April 26, 2010


I finally gave in and allowed Kim the opportunity for another dog. She chose her favorite, a boxer, 8 weeks old, and she named her, "Roxy". I'm trying very hard to tolerated a dog in the house. Of course, we have rules, but rules seem to be set to be broken, and little Roxy is starting to take over the house!
However, to my surprise, I am starting to like this little dog. Dogs are like having another baby in the house. Are they pooping, peeing, whining, barking? Do they need food, water, or taken out to potty? Is it time for a nap, a walk, or to play? Are they into something? What's in their mouth? Are they teething? Do they need shots? Do they smell or need a bath? Do they need to be held and loved?
Someone suggested that Roxy is my new grandchild from Kim. I'm beginning to think so. Here's to hopefully a happy, joyful, fun, and good experience of a dog in our home. What's happening to me...this is not the norm...but I'm liking this experience so far. Gee Wizz!

Grammy Gathered with My Grandchildren!

A treasured moment in life, gathered by nine of my thirteen grandchildren!
January 2010, I traveled to the bitter cold city of Vernal, Utah to spend time with three of my children and spouses, as well as the grandchildren. The four to the left are Timmy and Brittney's, the four to the right are Christy and Kevin's, and the one on my lap is Stacey and Kyles. Vacations are much to short and I look forward to another visit summer 2010!